About MeDeborah Marshall, MA, LMFT

My name is Deborah Marshall and I'm a licensed counselor (Marriage and Family Therapist,  MFC # 45836) in private practice in Los Altos, California.  I take pride in my unique mix of professional training, personal skills and life experience.  

Before I became a therapist, I earned a BS in Chemistry and had an environmental career in Pennsylvania, where I grew up.  I moved to California in 1995 to further that career and ultimately found my life taking a new direction.  

That new direction included earning a Masters in Counseling Psychology from USF (University of San Francisco) in 2001 and becoming an infertility patient, with the hope of starting a family in my forties.  Like many women, my successful career was in competiton with my desire for children until medical intervention was needed to start my family.

I think real-life experience informs any therapist's work, especially when it comes to infertility.  After navigating the maze of treatments and procedures, I became the mom of twins and have felt called to help those who struggle as they walk the path I know so well.  

I chose this specialty as much as it has chosen me, as I know first-hand how difficult it is maintaining a busy life, career and relationship while dealing with medical procedures and schedules.  It's my hope that I can provide support and help to you as you work to start your family.  

For more information about my style and how I work with clients, please visit my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and What to Expect pages.