Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of people do you usually work with?

My clients are diverse, from all walks of life, all cultures and circumstances. Many are successful career people.

What they share is that they all are experiencing difficulty starting, or adding to, their families. They may be struggling with maintaining balance in their professional or personal lives.  Or they may be contemplating a decision on how to take the next step in their journey through assisted reproductive options or adoption.


How long are the sessions and how often?

We will begin meeting once a week and our sessions will usually last for 50 minutes.  As our work together proceeds, we may meet more frequently or less as needed to support you in your process.


Where are you located?

My office address is 851 Fremont Ave., Suite 106, Los Altos CA 94024 at the Los Altos Courtyard office park in the Loyola Corners neighborhood of Los Altos.

My office is conveniently located off of Foothill Expressway, near the Los Altos Rancho shopping center. On-site free parking is available.


Do you take insurance?

Currently, I'm an out of network provider for insurance panels.  This means I can provide you with a statement to send to your insurance company for reimbursement, but I do not bill the insurance company or receive payment from them directly.